a baby hurricane

Hello Lovers,

So, we survived I really fell asleep through it all. We were all told to stay inside and NYC pretty much did stay inside. I live in a 22 floor building so honestly we had no damage to our windows, flooding or anything. A lot of people I know lost power, however in Riverdale none of us did. Trees were down in most parts though. None the less WE MADE IT!

Now before the hurricane . . . My lovely friends Gosia & Theo Philip had a baby shower. It was so nice. Very chic & chill. O one of the funniest parts was they had a magician or something. He was like reading our minds sort of I can not explain it. Freeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkky !!! Here are some pictures:
They had all these adorable photos all around.
I thought this was the cutest Onezee!
and with her parents she will be born a star! They are very friendly lovely people who each shine on their own but together they SPARKLE!
Tank (forever21 I think I own 890890 of them), Skirt (old like 5 years), Shoes (charlotte russe), Necklace (vintage), Bag (justfab)

I hope you Noone got hurt during the hurricane and your homes are just fine.


  1. haha..i love that first onezee lol.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. omg that onsie is so cute! love your skirt! glad you had no issues with the Hurricane-Mother Nature is not happy: earthquakes & hurricanes

    love from San Francisco,

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