ten things that make me go oppppaaaaa

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I am going to take today's post to write about what makes me HAPPY! Lately life has been so freaking insane over just one stupid simple issue. . . i cant seem to get over . . . I know that time will heal or whatever but the time doesn't seem to be going fast enough! Do not get me wrong I am having ONE HELL OF A SUMMER, but sometimes shit gets to me too. So, I need to remind myself of why exactly I am the person I am and how I can find the joy out of simple things in life and not so simple things in life So here is my list that makes me want to do this:

happiness jump
1. My niece and nephews bring such joy to my life that no matter how much I am crying I forget it all and just sm:)e
2. Redoing my room seems to be helping.
3. Drinks with my very close friends who let me be who I am
4. Laying on Violets couch watching something Jeff has found.
5. Hearing the words "I LOVE YOU NUNNA" (aka i love you godmother)
6. Old school movies like breakfast at Tiffany's or anything in technicolor
7. Anything with an English accent
8. Country music I know it may sound totally depressing to you all but
9. The thought of getting over it!
10. SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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