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Hellooo Lovies . . .

Of course this is another beach post! However, I only took pics of my bikini (GASP i wore a bikini) and the views.BTW NOT SHOWING U ME IN A BIKINI cuz every pic I took looked like i was sexting. So I gave up! I don't even think I wore much to the beach that day it was 100 degrees or so felt like it. . I HATE BIKINIS you are just so naked but my tummy was so white I had to do it! It's only bits and parts of my bikini because I am not going to show my chub! lol There are pictures of the beach today I want to focus on that beach!

This beach was were I grew up, every summer. This must of been the poor Albanian immigrant's Hampton. All the immigrant parents and their children would meet up with their big coolers in orchard beach SECTION 13 (of course). I am not even joking every Immigrant that came off the boat/plane during the 70s and 80s would be there. The memories I have there are unreal. That is when we were all super close. As soon as our mothers would make claim on a piece of grass with her blanket or sheet, we would throw off our clothes and run into the Long Island Sound like it was the oceans of Hawaii or something. We would stay in that water until we were starving and couldn't wait anymore. During this time the mothers would be tanning on the sand and gossiping. The teenage cousins would be staring at the boyfriends they were not allowed to have but all secretly did while they to tanned and gossiped. They however would occasionally walk past these boyfriends just to flaunt their insanely hot bodies they all seemed to have. After finally giving into the hunger pangs we would run up to the grass. Our mothers would then pull out food other people do not bring to the beach like pite or some other kind of Albanian dish. My mother thankfully made a lot of sandwiches and for some reason I loved them more at the beach than anywhere else. So after we ate we would run right back into the water. Either Albanian's didn't know anything about waiting a half hour after you ate to go back in the water or we just didn't care. We would stay there until basically the cops were like ok its time to go its 8. This continued until the end of the summer. AHHHH THE GOOD OLD DAYS now here are a few pictures of the beach now:

this sort of reminded me of those days however we did it on the grass and not the sand part.
I kinda made it look old school hahaha
Ok if you are ever in the Boogie down aka the BRONX and you hear someone yelling COCO CHERRY MANGO CHOCOLATE in a Spanish accent YOU MUST TRY IT! Its sort of like a gellato but softer IT IS DELISH!

Even though I didn't show you a picture of my bikini here is the logo hahah
the bikini is so cute its like a little skirt and the top holds up these massive boobs that I have.

Enjoy your day lovebugs!


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