having fun all summer long

Hello Darlings,
Quick post before I head to the beach again. . . I have become such a beach bum! Last year I went to the beach only 1 day because I worked so much. This yearI did the exact opposite I quit one of my jobs and decided instead of working on cigars I would work on my tan. After the hell I have been through lately I feel like I deserve it. However, instead of the beach we went to a pool. I rather like pools because I don't really like NY oceans but I LOVE WATER! Here are a few pictures:

the pool was packed! well it hit in the high 90s yesterday so I was not surprised

Isn't this so cute. . . I AM SO EASILY ENTERTAINED!

Up close and personal lol
Hat & Bathing Suits (Target), Skirt & Shoes (borrowed from sister), Bag (thegap)

I know I won't ever be able to forget this summer . . . but I am hoping the rest is memorable in a good way! August is coming up so please be good to me!

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