and i said welcome to detroit city. . . .

Darlings. . .

You know my life is never normal in anyway possible. There is always something going on some things I can share other things I can't. This last week has been one of those I can't. There for I haven't really been posting. I just haven't really been up to doing anything really. I needed a week or two of just dealing with whatever has been going on. Today I received my graduation date and I swear that turned my whole mode from super sad to jumping out my skin excited. I can see the finish line finally!!! I have worked so hard to get there and just a few more months and I'LL BE THERE!!!!

So what did everyone do for the 4th? I spent it in Michigan. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! . . . Michigan summers can not be compared to anything we have here in NY. Michigan may be pretty boring in the winter time but in the summer whole other world. This weekend I went to someone's pool (everyone seems to have a pool in there subdivision), a lake, and multiple parties

The coolest part was when I went on a pontoon aka a super cool boat diff from what this NEW YORKER is use too. We went to a Lake with some really awesome people. I actually drank beer (gross as it may have been I didn't want to feel like a DIVA bringing wine or vodka hahah). We met up with my very good friend Tereze's friends (did you understand that?) OMGOSH GREAT TIMES!!! Her friends are so nice and so welcoming. They kept calling me New York which was cool to me you know gotta represent!

Everynight I went to some kind of party either a rooftop club or a regular party. One night I even went to a country bar and well we all know how much I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!! I didn't take very many pictures . . . well basically cuz my phone was dead 99% of my time in Michigan.

So here are a few pictures I managed to find:

This was from Chen Chow OBVIOUSLY
I have had a bit to drink at this point!

Tereze and I at Rooftop in Greektown which I believe was Detroit
what a freaking NIGHT!!! We had a blast!!

This is where we spent most of Sunday!
On a Pontoon drinking beer- two new things I have never done!

OK so after the pool we open up the trunk of my cousins FORD FUSION and we see this. I could not stop laughing only in Michigan do their vehicles have signs that show you how to get out of a trunk if your ever locked in!! lmaoo!!

This was one of my hungover breakfast. . . DO U SEE ALL THAT BUTTER just looking at it I felt like I was having a heart attack lol but wow was it yummy. I even got to put my name on a little piece of paper along with BRONX, NY and put it on this big ass map since I was from out of state I felt cool!

Sorry I didn't take more pictures I will be there again being that the BIFFER lives there. Next time will be September so I will show you Michigan in the Fall.

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