you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes

Darlings . . .

So, Today I had to go to class to re-take a test that I oddly enough did horrible on but when i retook it i got a 100% and I didnt even study. Well I never study when it comes to computers because I have been working with computers since I was 11. . . I think I figured out pretty much all of Excell especially for fashion! I went Thrift shopping the other day and came across a few amazing things . . . like this blazer I am wearing and the bag I am wearing along with a bunch of lil cross over bags that I love to wear shopping!!!


The shoes I am featuring today I loved so much I not only got them in the BLUE I go them in a BLUSH! I decided to go VINTAGE AND COLOR BLOCK with everything else

Blazer & Bag (thrift), Top & Leggings (zoya boutique), Shoes (charlotte russe) Watch (invicta) Ring (forever21 old)
This bag is so different and so cute its a little beat up but not totally. . .

OMG SO YOU WANNA HEAR A STORY? well I am gonna tell you anyways. . . . so I was running for the shuttle train b/c as usual I was running late so the bag is old and it has a chain link shoulder thing and well as I was running . . . .off it goes, flying half way across the platform!! Not only did I look like a little diva walking in blue suede shoes and a hot pink blazer I NOW BROUGHT EVEN MORE ATTENTION TO MYSELF BECAUSE MY BAG DECIDED TO MALFUNCTION . . omg was i so embarrassed . . . some guy goes slow down beautiful there is another one coming soon ! BBM EMBARRASSED FACE!!!

BTW guys I am going on another Thrift store adventure, Do you want me to do a haul? let me know in the comments or email me :)
<3 kisses

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