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Darlings . . .

I really wish I was one of those bloggers who looked good in pictures and maybe actually show my face . . . ONE DAY I AM DETERMINED TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO DO IT! Anyways these freaking shoes that I have on are insane, beautiful, stunning I just ADORE!!!
Do not be fooled by the fact they look like they kill . . . THEY DO NOT! Right before I put them on I gave myself a pep talk "Rroosh, you got these they are lovely beauty is pain" however there was no point because they didn't kill . . . after a few hours they did get annoying but they did not kill which is all that really matters!

Blazer (forgot), Dress and Accesories (zoya boutique), Shoes (charlotte russe)

The newly renovated ZOYA became a very nice backdrop for these pictures lol

Well My Darlings I hope your enjoying the lovely summer weather.

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