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Hello My darlings . . .

Since its Memorial Day the unoffical start of SUMMER 2011, I decided to make a list of all the things I love about summer! There are plenty more of course but I dwindle it down to 10. Its a mix of fashion and how they say lifestyle?
1. Fruity Drinks : OMGOSH how much I love this about summer!!! thats why its my #1. I totally feel like I am on some tropical island somewhere every time I drink one even if I just left work and need to unwind!

2. Wedges: Come summertime you can catch me wearing wedges almost everyday. I even wear them to the beach! Like hellooo they are so comfortable and they make my short self taller. we all know how much I love that concept. (btw the wedges featured are from

3.Outside Dining: I am obsessed with outside dining. I am usually a very go with it person who can not make up my mind on anything, however no matter where we go if there is outside seating I CAN ASSURE YOU I WILL BE EATING OUTSIDE even if who ever I am with prefers inside. In the summer I also always make my restaurant decisions on OUTSIDE DINING if they do not have that most likely I will not be eating there. One of my faves is Spring Street Natural Restaurant on spring street.

4. One Piece Swimwear: Well everyone hates bikini season, I AM NO EXCEPTION! I despise this part of summer like I love everything summer but hateeeeeeeeee bikinis. I feel so uncomfortable in them. I have found a solution for this the ONE PIECE! it covers up all the spots I want to cover up and its not like I care if my belly is tan. This one from Target is perfect and its super cheap on like $34.

5. Lazing Living: Although summertime is probably the craziest season for me because of the cigar shows . . . this summer I am going to take it easy. I took Summer online classes and plan on spending lots of time at the beach/lake.

6. Glasses: Yea I rock sunglasses in the winter but who doesn't. In the summer you get to wear them like everydayyyyyyyy . . . . all over because its always SUN SUN SUN!! I have been searching for the fade looking ones since I saw Nicole Richie wearing the Chanel pair. I however refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on glasses because I ALWAYS FREAKIN* BREAK THEM! These are from Nasty Gal, around $40.

7. Water Parks: Mountain Creek is probably the funnest place to be in the summer. The rides are INSANE! Some of them I am to scared to even attempt like the 95 foot water slide. However I do go on things like high anxiety. OMG TALK ABOUT ADRENALINE RUSH!! I have come to the understanding I JUST LOVE BEING AROUND WATER or IN WATER!

8. Party Dresses: Summer is the time for weddings and parties. This dress from is perfect for all the summer events.

9. Beach Reads: I still say the best invention ever was the iPAD and the best app is iBooks. Who wants to lugg around all the books you plan to read? Instead just DOWNLOAD it on your ibooks and there you go! Relax by the pool/beach/lake with whatever book you feel. I recommend The Every Girl's Guide to Life by Maria Menounos her tips are life changing.

10. Shorts: A SUMMER STAPLE. I live in shorts in the summer all kinds from denim to linen. High waisted, low rise, boyfriend, etc. I have lots from forever21, they are so cheap and trendy how can you say no?

So I hope you enjoyed my List!

What are your Top 10? or even NUMBER 1?


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