a little rain aint hurt nobody . . but a lot is really annoying

Helloooooooooooooooooooo Out There

Well its Raining again today . . . KIND OF OVER THAT! especially since i get so annoyed when i have to dress for the rain! Like this out fit. . .DONT MIND THE MIRROR PIC i only took it so pumpkin see how not prepared I was for the rain that day. . . .
Jacket (bitten by SJP) Dress (Zoya) Shoes (Charlotte)

However unlike today the rain eventually went away and it was soo SUNNY and then at night this is what it looked like by night time:

On a side note are you just as lazy as I am when it rains? and DO YOU WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING too??

Ok all kisses* and enjoy the day!!!

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