i thought it was april showers? not may

Hiiiiiiiiii . . . .

Today is beautiful!!! and I feel so great!!! Something about sun just changes any bad mood or sad mood or ew mood I ever was in! I hope where ever you are the weather is just as beautiful and your enjoying a great day! ALSO HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday: RAINY DAY!


This looks like my sort of heaven because its PINK FLOWERS EVERYWHERE!

BTW we did the floors at the store!! Its coming along I am soo woohooo lol
IMAG0519 IMAG0518

and this is what I wore
cardigan (zara) dress (zoya) belt (vintage) wellies (no idea)

OK ALL ENJOY YOUR CINCO DE MAYO . . . drink up!! but safely and of age!

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