the hangover look

Hello My darlings,

Well I still have no camera . . . I have been so busy with school, work, and bridal shower planning to actually go and buy a camera. (BTW I am not the one getting married I am the MOH). This is what I wore to work one day after a night of drinking way to much VINO. The day before we were celebrating my darling Sister in Laws birthday. You know she is born on February 29th, so technically she has had only 6 actual birthdays her whole life! My whole life I always wondered what did people do if they were born on the leap year now I know! You get drunk the weekend before and your birthday can range from any time between Feb. 28th to March 1st. I think that is SUPER COOL because for two days your super special!


I purchased these shoes last year and I barely wore them. This year I wore them to death! They are very slippery and my mother wore them once and she slipped I FELT SO BAD!

As you can tell the scarf has become a fave of mine. It reminds me of spring and just adds color to any boring outfit!

Lets Break it Down:
Coat: Forever 21
Jeans: Milky Way
Boots: Joyce Leslie
as for accessories I think I was hurting to much in the AM to even think that far!

ok my love . . . what do you usually wear during a HANGOVER?
I also swore off alcohol after having to go to work feeling like death. It lasted only about 1 week!


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