so sexy it hurts


I wore these to school and work. JUST ABOUT THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PAIR OF SHOES I OWN. So, weird the first day I wore them they fit so nice very comfy. I could not wait to wear them again! Oo Oo was I terribly disappointed the next time I wore them. I haven't worn shoes like that in so long I could not handle it. The part that made me feel better is HOW DOPE THEY REALLY LOOK!

Beauty is Pain!
here is that scarf again! hahaha

Lets Break It Down:
Scarf: Joyce Leslie
Top, Leggings, and Leather Jacket: Zoya Boutique
Shoes: Bakers
Watch: Invicta
Rings: Miscellaneous

Spring time is almost here are you as excited as I am??


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