rain moon boots? whatever

Hello My darlings,

Like every other girl crazy about shoes, wedges are one of my faves. Not only are they so comfortable they tend to make you look like you are super tall. Anyways, It was raining yesterday and these seem to work perfect in the rain. They have a rubber bottom and are so high the puddles do not effect me.

BTW I got these on sale SUPER EXCITED not that it was expensive to begin with but its so much better when its on SALE!
This is my rainy day outfit lol . . .
You like my socks?
SOCKS are always way too big for me so I always scrunch them down. I literally have to get socks in the kids department its really annoying.
Every time I go buy socks the only size they have is 9-11. Does everyone in NY have size 9-11 feet? Although I am not into layering I def layered it up in this out fit you will see hahaha

Break down time:
Scarf & Shoes: Joyce Leslie
Accessories: Mix
Leggings: Milkway
Top: Totally forgot where
Tank tops (3): Zoya or Forever 21
So in total I had on 4 tops plus a scarf. . . I can not seem to deal with winter.
Even though it is my 28th year dealing with it.

Do you guys like my alternative to rain boots? HAHAHA

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