dear spring please hurry i miss you

Hello My Darlings,

Today I will be featuring a pair of shoes I over wore in the spring. However, I forgot them at my friend Diana's house all summer. You would think the fact that she lives right across the street from where I spend most days I would get my lazy ass to her apt and pick them up. The thing is she lives across the street but down the block opposite of direction I go home. I really am so freaking lazy, I just realized that. Anywho here they are . . . you so know they will be featured in another spring blog . . . . as soon as this damn NY weather can regulate itself!

The color is perfect. Its the perfect neutral with an army green color. It goes with just about everything I have in my closet.
These are the accessories I wore. You have seen them all before I believe, except the cute forever21 ring. I love the double ring and the fact its a key.
Let's Break it down:
Coat: H&M (sale for $15 Bucks Yay)
Dress: Soho Boutique
Shoes: Qupid (it's on the label but i don't recall where I actually purchased them)
Ring: Forever21, Charlotee Russe, Vintage
Watch: Invicta
Necklace: Zoya Boutique


  1. I loveee those shoes! I have so many fantastic pairs of heels that I am DYING to wear, but the snow is ruining all my fun.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! UGH* with this snow

  3. Hi, I found your profile on ifb, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow you now :)

    Love the pics here, really amazing!

    xx viviane

  4. Those shoes are greatttt! That necklace is beautiful too xxx

    much love,


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