Do you have my phone?

Well Well Bloggers,

I am officially 28 years young! Usually when birthdays come around I tend to get depressed (sorta), its like geez im almost 30. However, as of late I AM SUPER EXCITED to turn 30. Perhaps its because by then most of what I want to happen will happen, or perhaps because i really do believe that 30 is the new 20. Women who are 30 are so much more sure of themselves, they are confident in who they are and what they are. All my friends who are in their 30s say they are enjoying themselves more than ever before. Now to inform you on a few things that happened on my 28th bday. I didnt want to do a club or anything (the norm for nyers) I wanted a more intimate gathering, um intimate to me is around 16 people. Not all 16 could make it for diff reasons so it ended up with very close cousins and friends. I FELT SO SPECIAL ALL DAY!!!

Here is the rundown:

1. Tuesday ate dinner with Krissy at X20 in Yonkers YUM YUM YUM!!!!

2. Friday - Cousin from Michigan came and pampered me for the day as my Bday gift (thank you vicki luv u )

3. Got gussied up for my bday dinner at THE PARK on 10th ave.

4. Dinner and drink with the girls ( i started to become completely intoxicated YAY!!)

5. Received so many wonderful gifts. (pix in another bday haul post)

6. Beautiful Cake (just for me)

7. Nora & Lily show up to make me smile!

8.SOMEONE STOLE MY PHONE continued to ask everyone in the resturant if they have my phone

9. Head to Brass Monkey (still asking random people DO YOU HAVE MY PHONE?)

10. FIND WALDO (inside joke)


12. Speak with a british accent all night long confuse just about everyone.

13. after that DO NOT REMEMBER A THING


Here are the pix:

First Bday Cake

My first Bday Cake

first bday gift
The gifts begin - - Tomorrows post will have what was inside along with the rest of my wonderful gifts

my love
one of my very best friends Krissy :)

the gals
Some of the Girls and what a view they sat us in the most perfect spot felt like a fairytale

YUM YUM we ate
We pretty much devoured our meal it was soo yummy! I dont know what part of it was this but as you can tell we liked it
Happy Birthday to you
I was pleasntly surprised!

omg look at that
I love the CAKE!

Birthday Cake shot 1

isnt my cake so pretty!!!

other side

uh ohh
who knows!

the after hours girls

These are the after hours girls (the rest had to head home) we later went to Brass Monkey were soo much drinking went on . . .


dont even ask


thats safija from and

Now for the Break down :


the birthday shoe!

Dress: H&M

Belt: Forever 21

Jacket: Zoya Boutique

Necklace: Bebe (gift from Violet)

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Rosemary, Mia, Violeta, Luli, Vicki, Noelle, Naz, Bona, Safija, Amanada, Nora and Liria for coming out :) and Krissy for my private soulsis bday

Vickz & Rroosh

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