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I should be working on my 890890 papers that are due tomorrow, but I decided to blog my outfit! The shoes that I am posting today were worn a lot during the 40 days I wore black. I am surprised I even put them on my feet again. I must really adore them. Honestly are there really a pair of shoes I do not adore. Did I ever tell you how I blame Cinderella for my shoe obssesion? Think about it I was told as a little girl that just with a shoe your life can change and you will get your happily ever after. Although with the 200 pairs I may own, my happily ever after doesnt seem to be anywhere in the near future. Which to me means I have to keep buying shoes until I find that Magical one. HAHAHA Makes sense no? Ok enough of the babble on to my outift!


The shoes I once wore to fashion night out became my best friend during my days in mourning.


Lets Break it Down:

Dress and My Fave Leather Jacket: Zoya Boutique

Shoes: Joyce Leslie
Belt: OLD
Ring: Charlotte Russe


I love this belt! The leather is so soft!


btw dressed like this i decorated this tree. . . It was my first tree I ever decorated! :)

Christmas is officially here . . .

Also HAPPY HANUKKAH to those who celebrate



Do you guys have any special plans for the holidays?

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