thank heaven for little girls*

Hello Bloggers,

Once again I am posting about what someone else wore. It is extra special! It is of my darling niece Aubree Len and what she wore to her Baptism. She is like a little doll. Aubree's big brother made an appearance on this blog a few months ago, He is my Godson Luke Aiden. Aubree may look like Luke in drag but she acts like an angel. Luke um acts like the devil but he is cute and can get away with it. Here goes:

Princess Bree's Shoe (DUHH)


Her Dress! Her Godmother is Italian (she was actually featured in the post before this one) well she said it is a tradition where they buy the baby the outfit. So she purchased this for her. It is also a really cute tradition that the Godmother dresses the baby into her outfit. (If you watch Housewives on NJ, Dina did it for Teresa's child)


Have you ever seen eyes like this? UGH!


I cut off her Grandmother in this picture lol
SORRY but its all about AUBREE!

Finals are finally over WOOHOO. .. so I will be back to posting its holiday season so there will be lots of glitz and glam. . . Is anyone doing anything special for the holidays?




  1. Awww...she's adorable! You must be one proud aunt :-) xoxoxoo

  2. I am she is just lovely and so much fun to play dress up with


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