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So Today, I am doing a little something different. Sometimes there is an outfit so perfect so wonderful so amazing that you just have to give it the recognition it deserves. So in my world it would be a post dedicated to it. This Saturday we went out for my friend Noelle's Birthday. As I walked into her house, where all the girls gathered to go get our party on, Her outfit took my breath away. IT WAS JUST THE MOST PERFECT BIRTHDAY OUTFIT IF I EVER SAW ONE IN MY LIFE! I am talking from head to toe she did it right! her hair, her makeup, her dress and of course HER SHOES! Here are a few pix of it(which did not do it justice) I know all my readers will agree:

Ok you know the deal the shoe first!
The all wonderful Louboutin . . . UGH*
as I always say Every girl needs a little sparkle in her life* and what better way then with a Loubie?
My 26th 033
The dress oo Gosh the dress! It absolutely fit perfect for a birthday girl. I only wish she wasnt a size 0 so i could one day fit in it hahah
My 26th 034
Here is it all together . . . Her hair was put to one side with a braid in the back her very talented best friend RoRo did it. . . and another thing LOOK AT THOSE DAMN LEGS GEEZ!!!

OK HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOEY . . . I hope this year is magical!

my first ever post about someone else ! Maybe I will do it again? If I find something this wow


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