hmmm Chiliiii

Hmmmm . . . I went away this weekend to Michigan, my other home. I only stayed there a few days but it was worth it. I always tend to miss my family and friends from Michigan the moment I come back. The picture above is of chillie cheese fries from American Coney Island in downtown Detroit. When Vicki ( one of my best friends) came to pick me up I had incredible craving for Coney dog (Chili, Cheese, and a Hot dog). So, I had coney dog and chili cheese fries.I have been going to Michigan most my life and never had this typical Michigan meal. I can now say I have OMG ITS HEAVEN! A heart attack on a plate but heaven. Funny thing is I did not know how to eat the hot dog. It was so messy if you eat it the normal way a hot dog is eaten i had to use a fork and a knife. My cousin was laughing at me, it was a mess! However, worth every messy moment. I heart cheese and chili on anything!

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