Four weddings and a Funeral

Ded Zef Nikci
(me at age like 3 or 4 with my gramps back in Montenegro I LOOKS PETRIFIED)
Ok so here is a quick reason as to why I haven't been really blogging . . . My grandfather died.
My life in the month of October reminded me of 4 Weddings and a Funeral. After back to back weddings, my gramps died. Well I was really sad about and I do not think it has hit me yet. I cried from time to time for a week but I still feel like its fake. UGH* my heart sinks just thinking about it now. He was old and he lived a long life but still he was Caku (Taku) aka My GRAMPS! I just keep telling myself he is in a better place and I have to stop writing about this now because I am going to start to cry maybe one day soon I will revisit this but as of now I just don't want to . . .

On fashion related topic - I have to wear black for 45 days. It's a tradition in the Albanian world (yes we have traditions even in death). So its black head to toe and for some reason I feel so blah in it. You are suppose to wear conservative clothing because technically we are in morning and well trying to wear black is enough conservative for me. UGH* I really hate this tradition because I AM ALREADY SAD ENOUGH my clothes r my only escape and now that's taken away from me!
(I was always a lil sassy broad wasnt I you see my heel kiked up lol )

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