and we are BACK!

So, I am back . . . I lasted 40 days or so . . . Couldn't do it anymore!
The boots I am wearing today are like a year old. I got them last year right before summer. I totally forgot I even had them until I was looking for another pair of boots. O I wanted to do the happy dance when I saw them. . . could not wait to wear them . . . then my grandfather died and had to put it in the back of my mind until TODAY!!! Unfortunately it's raining in NY so I couldn't come out with anything more exciting then flats and a comfy clothes.
This Necklace is from Zoya Boutique. . . It is so AWESOME! The differnt color metals make it so easy to pair with anything . . . I love that it gives my regular outfit a ROCK STAR touch!
I wear these two everyday one is a Rosary bracelet. I need something about Jesus on me at all times. The other is a evil eye bracelet because there are some evil people out there, I need extra protection. So with Jesus and the Eyes I AM COVERED . . . although technically I just need Jesus but I love the eye bracelet
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Break Down Time:
Tank and Sweater: Forever 21
Leggings: Vera Wang (khols)
Boots: NO IDEA!

PS in the mist of not liking my black clothes i lost my camera SO HORRIBLE . . . I'm hoping my parents buy me an SLR for Christmas or an early BDAY gift . . .
If anyone knows anyone who wants to spend that much money on me please tell them I'm a nikon girl and i need recording ability THANX! hahahah

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