This here is the love of my life!

I never really knew what it meant to love someone UNCONDITIONALLY until Dec. 23, 2008. . . that was the day the LOVE OF MY LIFE Luke Aiden Lulanaj was born . . . This kid is just about the most amazing person on earth . . . he brings my heart such JOY . . . such pure happiness even when he is being so bad and makes me scream two seconds later I LAUGH MY ASS OFF. . . When I hear him go HI NUNNA (godmother in Albanian) where ya been? I missed you . . . MY HEART JUST BURST! . . . If he is ever in trouble he puts on the water works for me and I always manage to get him out . . . HE basically walks all over me! totally fine with that . . . cuz LOOK AT HIM!!!! I could bite every little bit of him . . . he is getting so big I SWEAR HE IS A PRODIGY . . . but I am sure everyone thinks that about their Godson but mine really is!
He LOVES MY PHONE BTW . . . a story he was about 15 months and like super smart so I had the blackberry with the trackball and it was broken . . . so i told him Lukey I will let you play with it but do not throw it because ill lose my ball . . . HE TAKES THE PHONE THROWS IT DOWN THE STAIRS AND GOES GOOD LUCK FINDING YOUR BALL NOW NUNNA . . . and starts hysterically laughing . . . all you hear me say is O MAN LUKEY . . . come help me find it and he did this kid wasnt even 2 years old yet! HE SUCH A DEVIL BUT SOO KUTE AT IT ITS OK!
He wanted some of MY WATER not his but MINE! "Nunna Can i have your water pwease"
"Nunna please enough with the pictures . . . NO MORE!


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