Showers of Happiness

everyone needs a nice nude pump . . . It is like second to a nice black pump these are pretty perfect. . . I wore these to my friend Nazike's Briday Shower. . . Very good times!

This is probably the only full look I have of the outfit . . . I THINK I LOOK GROSS . . . but Nazike is in the middle shes the future NUSE aka Bride in Albanian. . . . The one in the cream and black dress is her sister Bona who I just adore! (ps I know you are reading this love you)

This is her Grandmother getting downnnnn . . . SHE IS THE CUTEST THING ON THIS PLANET . . . she was dancing to American music and well thats unusual for most grandmother except mine and Nazikes

The Beautiful Bride to Be and I
Break down time:
Blazer: Soho Boutique
shoes: boutique somewhere

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