LDW part 2

Old Wedges I recall buying these after I bought the ones from a previous post because they were comfortable and these are to . . . I RUINED THEM! but they last one more summer hahaha

The accessories . . . My bag is so tiny it doesnt fit anything but money my camera and my keys . . . but so easy to carry around considering i have a huge bag with me at all times. . .

this belt is vintage and its wayyy to small to wear anywhere else but your waist


Outfit Breakdown:
Jacket: Bitten from SJP (i wish she still made clothes i loved them)
Shoes: OLD
Round Net Ring: Vintage
Square green ring: Forever21
Earrings (not pictured): Fantafia

Why: MY version of Dressed down
Where: Upstate NY
Who: Luli and Tommy and then bunch of people lol

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