LDW part 1

I know in my tumblr i already wore these but I do not know how to dress down and be around people . .. I am way to short to wear flats . . . . people always comment like you couldnt find heels higher and actually I CAN i just wore these cuz they were comfy . . . this is my version of flats lol wedges. . . .
BTW I played my first Flip cup game . . . I NEVER DID COLLEGE GAMES . . . I WENT TO F.I.T. we shopped . . . however i kept calling it flippy cup . . . and i was really good woot woot well sorta at least especially since I HATE BEER! here is a trick when you hate beer chew on a minty gum. . . .
Outfit Breakdown :
Denim Shirt: Walmart
Top: Wet seal
Shorts: Forgot
Shoes: Soho Boutique
Bag: Thrift
PLACE: House Party in CT
REASON: why not


Thank you for all the lovely comments . . . . They make my Day or Night :)

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