If the Louboutin fits . . . fuhken live in them!

Ok since I didn't put up a post yet of yesterdays shoes I am going to try to get you to understand exactly how I feel about shoes. . . . Here is something I wrote a little while ago

Shoes - What can I say about it? SO MUCH . . . there is something about women and shoes . . . lets face it when you open that box hold that amazing beautiful pair of perfect Christian Louboutin red sole platforms or put your brand new pedicured feet into that Jimmy Choo sandal you feel like you can make all your dreams come true. . .
See the thing with shoes is YOUR NEVER TOOO FAT TOOO SKINNY TOOO BLOATED for shoes - your feet really never change so just in case you put on a few extra lbs - you can still manage to find the PERFECT HEEL! or flat depending on how you feel . . . I mean come onnnnn not eve a man can make you feel that good . . .haha jk
every time I'm sad or happy or anything really I want to celebrate, grieve, or just be it is always with a new pair of shoes . . .

I will never forget the day me and Zarie (wanderlustvintage.com) walked pass the Louboutin store on the lower east and at first I just saw fierce shoes and I had no idea what they were. I was like "wow why are they all soo pretty" and than I stopped dead in my tracks I couldn't move I KNEW I saw it right there - - - the RED SOLE only meant one thing one amazing, beautiful, speculator thing . . . thisssssss was the LOUBOUTIN store the one I have been dieing to go to for what felt like forever - but damn it was closed! I suppose it was a good thing because I had tears in my eyes just outside the window peeping in . That is what my heaven looked like exactly like that! When I die . . . I want to die in a shoe store preferably in Paris - preferably in his store - than I want to wake up on the other side say "What up, St. Peter?" and go shopping with Jesus . . .

yea superficial I know but heyyyyyyyy I love my shoes!

Rroosh and her shoes

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