Ok, So . . . I have had an insane week . . . between working both jobs (Zoya Boutique and Arthur Avenue Cigars) plus finals week. . . who had time to take pictures. I have done nothing but read, sell a cigar, read, sell a shirt, read and did I mention read? So on the last night of finals I finally had a chance to take these pictures. What can I say about this semester? IT WAS HARD! I was sick for most of it and you all know the rest of my summer. I am happy to be done and now headed for another semester. HOPEFULLY ITS BETTER THAN THIS ONE!
I bought these last summer . . . I WORE THEM TO DEATH ALL WINTER LONG . . . the bottom of the heel is all messed up. On that note they are super duper comfy! I've been really good at finding SKY HIGH HEELS that are comfy and cheap GO ME!
Hahahah I Know it looks like my zipper is open but it isn't its just BLACK.
Let's Break it Down:
Shorts: OLD
Shoes: OLD

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