Fashion Night Out

OOo my lovely shoes . . . they too are really comfy except the back part kept rubbing into my ankle and that wasn't so comfy
I AM ALREADY WARNING YOU I AM WEARING THESE AGAIN ON MONDAY . . .I know I know not apart of the deal but they just go with my outfit . . . IT MUST BE ALL BLACK EVERYTHING (think about it) anyways I wore them to FASHION NIGHT OUT. . . well I had a test than fashion night out

Here are a few pix from FNO
I stayed on 5th Avenue because I was already at school
Guys Dancing in LV store windows they even had them dancing inside the glass cases it was really cool

This was in Bendels . . . PRETTY RAD NO?

I normally hate Olivia but she was soooooo nice . . .totally changed my idea of her.

Outside Diesel Store this was the Real World Cast people were asking questions.

Ladies in Red from the Red Door
Crazy Hair

I went to FNO with my friend Nazike & her lovely sister Albiona
wellllll Nazike was wearing her Christian Louboutin heels and they were killing her so I let her borrow my shoes while we walked to the car . . . odd my cheap shoes were way more comfy than her super expensive ones . . . WE HAD THE GREATEST TIME!
I MAY BE SMILING BUT I AM IN MASSIVE PAIN! they killeddddd hahaha

Take by FAO on 5th

Let's Break Down:
Blazer: My moms Ann Klein i believe
Tank & Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Joyce Leslie
Bag: Anna Corinna

Who: Nazike, Albiona, Me
What: Fashion Night Out
Why: Because we love fashion and partying
Where: NYC
ALBIONA falling on her ass at Bendels mwa love you i know your reading it but that was really awesome!

BTW. . .
WHERE DID YOU GUYS GO? seen anyone special?

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