a little treat. . . .

So . . .thanx to my wonderful professor in my forcasting class we got to visit the archives of Calvin Klein . . . it was awesome . . .these are a few snap shots
The below picture is of the 1966 - 1974 summer collection
shot 2

This is the manaquin made special for Calvin Klein . . .
she fits all their clothes perfectly.

View of all the racks there were soo many

When my professor started working on the archives they were all over the place . . . and she organzied them so good . . . almost all the collections are complete . . .she had to take some from people who had them in upper levels who were there back in the day, from celebs, and from anyone who had. SHE DID SUCH A GOOOOD JOB !!!
I promise to have pix of my shoes up soon I just have to get rid of this allergic reaction lol
If you only can see my eyes I look like I was in a UFC fight or something.

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