lets try this again ok . . .

A Few months ago I started this little project . . . It was to see if I can wear all 150+ shoes everyday a diff shoe. . . . Um I have totally kept up with it however i always forget to take pictures so STARTING TODAY I am going to do it. I always feel like a tool when i need to take pictures . . . like who do I ask? I work 2 jobs so I am always running around and what do I do o hey btw can you snap a picture of me? Some of these girls are so amazing with their pictures I never know what to do with my face or my body or anything ERRR . . . o plus today I started my diet . . . what exactly is the diet I do not know . . . but I have started some kind of healthy living . . .MINUS COFFEE cuz HELLOOO I am from NEW YORK we have coffee instead of blood in our veins . . . So have fun on this little journey of mine again!

O and another thing . . . I WILL BE ADDING OTHER STUFF HERE because its MY blog I do what I so feel with it :0) Like the gym i belong to and never go to THIS IS A JUDGMENT FREE ZONE WELCOME TO JUST RROOSH AND HER SHOES . . .


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