late night in the city . . .

Oo these shoes . . . Story behind them is - - I saw them i left them I thought about them for 3 weeks went back and only one left were my size . . . SO I TOOK IT AS A SIGN AND GRABBED THEM . . . that was my 5th pair this week! O I don't think this project is working!
This picture is hysterical . . . you know how I hate to take pics well drunk the other night I was totally ok with it and look what happens! this is by far the best picture every taken he looked at me like I was nuts!

Showing some <3 to Luli . . . My Cousin & Partner in Crime (NOTE I MAY HAVE BEEN REALLY DRUNK ok ok I was)

There is the PROOF and a close up of the accessoies

Outfit Breakdwon:
Tank: alternative apparel
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Joyce Leslie
Rings: Soho & Vintage
Bracelet & Necklace:

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