allergic to what?

Um . . .so if you read my other blog you would know I think Summer 2010 is out to get me. . . At first I thought it was just July '10 was at fault but after yesterday adventure I am pretty sure it is Summer 2010 . . . Never in my life was I more pleased with summer to come to an end. . . so here is the reason why I am super excited to get rid of this summer - - - (> while I was at work I had an allergic reaction to lord knows what . . . My eyes blew up my throat closed and silly me just thought it was allergies. . . the salon next door to my boutique called the ambulance and even they were like WOW! so. . . please forgive me for not adding a post . . . its been an insane summer . . . just trying to survive it . . . IF I MAKE IT IM PARTYING ALL OF FALL!

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