Thursday, June 23, 2016

Take Back Thursday . . .Oia, Santorini

Dear Love Bugs, 

I promised to share more pics of my trip to Greece and like I said before better late than never. Here are a few pictures of one of my most favorite nights in Greece. Visiting the most beautiful place on Earth to me Oia. I am convinced this is what Heaven will look like. There are not a lot of sceanry pics I am not sure if I mentioned it in my last post. I made the dumb mistake to just take a point and shoot and not my DSLR and the pictures just were not doing it justice. Actually no I do not even think my DSLR would of been any different because THE PLACE IS JUST THAT GORGEOUS. 

 The beauty of Oia!! Btw it really is like everything you see on Pinterest.

Snapping pics of me in one of my favorite dresses!

 We had dinner at the most amazing place this night it is called the Andronis. I highly recommend it. The manager there was the nicest guy I ever met his name was Melvin I believe. We sat at this table that was fit for like King and Queens with the most remarkable view ever!

Walking down to the restaurant and thought this was a bad ass pic. What do you think?

 The girls and I!

 Sitting back taking it all in . . . did we really go there? Did that actually really happen? Feels like a dream.

Where is your favorite place to visit? What was one of your most magical vacations? Are there any questions you have about my trip? How I flew, where I stayed? I will answer in a separate post Let me know in the comments.

Monday, June 20, 2016

hello summer overalls!

overalls: american eagle similarish || crop top: joyce leslie || shoes and bag: forever21 similar shoes here

hope you enjoyed the details, should I do more post like this? let me know in the comments.
Keep it Fabulous!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Five Faves goes to chicago in the spring time . . .

Dear Love Bugs,

I recently took a trip to Chicago with my Fiancé and my cousin. See, Tony lives in Michigan and I was visiting him and we planned a quick trip to ChiTown. I must say if you have not gone YOU MUST! Make it on your bucket list because it deserves to be. I do not know how it would be to go during the winter because I heard their winters are worse than ours here in the Big Apple (NYC) and I think our winters are horrible! However, in the Spring/Summer you must go!

Here are five things I like about Chicago:

1. Pizza Pot Pie! Ok so here is the 411 on that luckily for us our amazing friends Eddie & Violeta moved to Chicago a few months before and knew of all the good stops including the most amazing thing I have ever had in my life! In true New York fashion I think we have the best pizza on the planet. I tried deep dish and don't get me wrong it was good but would I go for that over NY pizza NO WAY. If you so happen to give me a choice between Pizza Pot Pie and NY Pizza (forgive me NY) but PIZZA POT PIE ANYDAY! (picture taken from @infatuation_chi Instagram I was too busy eating to take pictures hahaha)


2. Our Hotel: Swissotel what was there not to love about it. The amazing lady at the front desk gave us an upgrade and the room was AMAZING. It was very clean. It was huge. It had everything you could need. The best part though THE VIEW!!!!!!  (picture below taken from I forgot to take pictures)


3. Site seeing: I feel like its not over whelming but not underwhelming. There is a lot to do but you can actually do it and not feel rushed like our first night we visited the bean and a few other places. (check out the pictures below)







4. The fact you can be I the city and be in the beach with just a short walk (below is the before heading to the beach the above is being silly heading to dinner)


Last but most certainly not least!
5. Spending time with my love in a New City and a check mark on my bucket list! I truly hope one day everyone in the world finds a love like I was lucky enough to find. He really is my best friend and I know sounds so corny but it is true. Going on our first mini vacation together that's not in NY or MI really just made me love him more. . . because we just get each other.

I hope you enjoyed my post. . . I promise to post more . . . and I promise to to get better! Things are changing all around :)

keep it fabulous!


Saturday, April 23, 2016


My darling Love bugs,

As you can tell by the title . . . I GOT ENGAGED! My amazing, wonderful, now fiance asked me to marry him on March 28, 2016. The day after Easter. So here is the a little bit of the story.

I knew it was coming I just didn't know when. I knew it was going to happen after Easter because Albanian Catholics are not allowed to get engaged or married during the lent season. I still am not sure if that is for every Catholic or just us, if you know please let me know in tIhe comments section. Anyway, I honestly thought he was going to do it the night of Easter after this party we went to. However, when he didn't do it . . . and we both said Good Bye and he headed home to Michigan (that is where he is from . . . I know LDR HARD AS FUCK!) . . . I just assumed some how he was going to come during the next month and surprise me but since we are on FaceTime 90% of our day I had no idea how he was going to pull that off. . . ANYWHO!

So, that afternoon I had to go "babysit" my Godson and nieces, or so I thought. For the first time in my life I was running late I was having a heart attack I hate running late!! I was running around my house looking for my keys then there was a car accident (minor fender bender) and traffic was insane. I was driving soooooo fast . . . I hate being late I get crazy anxiety and I bug out and my stomach hurts - I was so worried they had a doctors appointment and were going to miss it because of me! Little did I know what was really going on.. . . so I finally get there running to her house I open the door I see these gorgeous long stem roses and I go in my head Oh I wonder why Jeff got those for Violeta they are so beautiful! I open the rest of the door and WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE REST!! Please Like and subscribe there will be a whole bunch more videos to come!