wedding Wednesday part 1

Dear Love Bugs,

as you already know I am engaged DUH! I am going to try to start a series on my blog called Wedding Wednesday . . . yes I know I am not the only person who has done this but I think it's a great Idea. The first installment of Wedding Wednesday is our engagement dinner. I had one in May just with a group of cousins and friends. We didn't include anyone else bc with my family it would of gotten to about 200 people and well we just wanted a fun night out with the homies hahaha here are the details.

My Dress ohh my dress . . . It was gifted to me by my sweet, amazing, talented friend Ejona Maci. She not only owns two stores she is also a DESIGNER. She is seriously GOALS! All I said to her was I fell in love with the dress and wanted to come buy it for my engagement dinner and she freaking SENT IT TO ME! This girl is pure GOLD please check out her private line here or her boutique here. The shoes are SoKates by Christian Louboutin.

Now we all know I am obsessed with DIY. Although I have the most talented friend who will be doing all my other parties for my wedding who is part owner of BDazzled Events. (check out their Instagram) I wanted to invite her as a guest and not someone who is working plus this was a simple affair only 35 people. I DIYed it all. 

Here are some of the details:

First off we had the dinner in Astoria, Queens the legendary Astor Room. It has been around since the 20s. It is so old school I loved it. Plus the manager aka my uncle is pretty cool hahah. The food though was so die for I wish I took pics but we just dived in. I can not begin to explain how yummy it was!! Oh and their Rose is bomb!

Btw the red napkins were a total accident. I had no clue they would match me. Since my wedding will most likely be all PINK and rustic (my favorite color) I wanted to do something totally diff for the dinner.

the mirrored runner is actually Dollar tree mirrors that i took the frame off and laid them flat on the table. The vase I purchased from AC Moore. The little votive holders also dollar tree spray painted silver. The crystals were from Party City.

I took the idea from my actual engagement. with the balloons and pictures. There were actually a hundred balloons with white or silver string around the whole room. This was before my cake came.
HOW CUTE ARE MY CAKE TOPPERS? I am not sure if you re aware but my fiance and I are Long Distance Loves. So, these symbolized both of us. I purchased them from Etsy the shop is called Charlie Chalk. I actually spray painted them white and used a silver marker to go into the names and hearts. My theme was gonna be rustic but I changed my mind so I had to change these a little. To me they came out perfect!

The candle holders on the side turned into vases were from the Dollar tree spray painted silver. I also made my very first snap chat filter for myself. I was simple because this was when they just came out and I wasn't sure how it would look. I made one for the dinner and the after party. The cutest thing that day my cousin Mia & sis in law Susie got us this basket of all these wines and wedding things. One of them was this photo which was perfect addition to this table. We also got the cutest bigger frame with this same picture from Tony's amazing cousin Drita. I swear we are so blessed.

I also made the flower wall. It was just something small to take pics in front of. The board was from JoAnns. The Flowers all from Dollar Tree. I just hot glued them in. My darling friend Diana found these cute signs from HomeGoods.

Here is a pic of me and My love!!!! Doesn't he look so handsome!!

this was for the after party lol 

Hopefully, in other post I will have better lighting and better pics. The next post will be How I DIYed my Boho Bridesmaid Proposal. 

a fall look with my favorite color pink

Dear Love bugs,

Happy Monday! I really hope your week is amazing. I hope you accomplish all that you want to. I hope it is magical. I do not know if it was catching all the trains on time, realizing I have less than 11 months until I marry my love or it just being a gorgeous day but today I feel like I can accomplish anything. I have such a desire to ROCK this week . . . I haven't felt like this in some bit of time. Oh! I also went to my first dress shopping adventures this weekend. Let me tell you what I thought would look amazing on me . . . DID NOT. Well the style dress does just not the whole look. I kinda fell in love with one dress but being Albanian I have to be careful I do not look like every other bride. See, the thing is when we get dressed for a wedding WE GET DRESSED! Some of the gowns I have seen at weddings would beat some of the prettiest Oscar gowns you have seen. The dress shopping continues for another week. I have not said YES yet. Hopefully I will sooner than later. Nothing so far as made me tear up and it is kinda frustrating. UGH why is this so difficult. lol Any of my past brides or future brides experience the same thing? How many dresses did you try on before you found the one?

Here is what I wore:

|| top, leggings: primark || cardigan,glasses, cross: forever21 || shoes: wild diva ||purse: louis vuitton ||

what I would wear again this fall

Dear Love bugs,

I have seen a bunch of bloggers do this and I am jumping on the band wagon because I think its a flipping great idea. . . There are a few outfits from last fall/winter that I fully plan on recreating this fall/winter. . . Here are a few

This is MY FAVORITE LOOK from last year 

 ahh my obsession with boots is not joke esp OTK or THIGH HIGH

 Another of my favorites because those boots are everything this year

 this bomber has a few family members added to my list (blue, black, diff color green, wine, and PINK)
 I will continue to wear these boots to death this year 

Also continue to wear pink to death this year hahaha

hope you enjoyed my pictures down memory lane I sure did come to think of it I am wearing the boots in the last and first pic today! hahaha

a comfy sweater fall look

Dear Love Bugs,

My Oh My did I have a crazy weekend. I was sick allllllll weekend and I had a wedding to attend my fiance was in from Michigan and I had a bday party which I did not go to because I was sick and did not want to get anyone else sick. Here are some pics I took trying not to look dead hahah Its a very fall outfit which is great since I was so sick all I wanted was to be in something that was comfy and fuzzy and well fall . . .

 sweater & jacket: forever21 || jeans & boots: h&m || necklace: charlotte russe || purse: primark