Monday, July 25, 2016

eating local: bronx alehouse

Dear Love bugs,
I hope your weekend was fabulous! I am coming today once again with a different kind of blog post. Its a good eats. Recently while my fiancĂ© was visiting we decided to go to a local bar by my house to relax. He drove from Michigan to New York and even picked me up in the city where I work. Let me tell you something about rush hour traffic in NYC . . . H E L L! We were both exhausted me from a long work week and the heat him from well all that. We decided to keep it local and went to Bronx Ale house. I have been there before many times with him and my cousin mostly for drinks not so much the food. However, I think I need to keep going for the food too!  One of my friends kept mentioning how she was craving wings all day at work and I was like hmm that sounds yummy so I began to crave wings. I have never had the wings at this place before and let me tell you it is now a favorite of mine. The wings were FIRE though. Tony couldn't handle it he stopped after like 3 . . . I however kept on going! It was so yummy I just couldn't stop!
Here are some pictures:
This was the place: Picture taken from website.

 Once you are seated at Bronx Alehouse they serve you popcorn . . . that is soooo delish I think I ate the whole thing. . . who has to get ready for a wedding hmm SHIT I DO!
 The most delicious wings . . . . my mouth is watering looking at them right now
two very exhausted humans! He made me take a picture because I always complain we don't have any pics besides the ones from my phone of just our faces. hahaha I LOOK HOORIBLE!
Ok loves I hope you have an amazing week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

a little home decor on this hump day. . . living room/dinning room

Dear Love Bugs, 

Today I am doing something totally different. While I am in Michigan visiting my fiance for two weeks. I have took it upon myself to redecorate his town house. Let me tell you I have had a blast. I am far from done but at least a big part of it is. Today I am just going to show you the living room/dinning room area. FYI my favorite colors are greys, white, and blues. Luckily for me Tony loves it too! So, Here are the pictures with some explanations.

This is where I usually do my planning. I left my Erin Condren Life planner there because it always is there hahah. I purchased most of the things from Home goods.

 These books are from various places. From Five below, Home Goods, and Barnes & Noble.

Inside the M box are the coasters. You know everything has a place!

I love mixing metals. Hence why every one is represented in this home. Flowers are Dollar Tree. White Vase is from Hobby Lobby. Scissors from Target. The rest is from Home Goods.

The sofa isn't my favorite thing actually one of the my least favorite things. It is so comfortable though. Tony and I have both fallen asleep on it. I plan on adding art work or frames or something on those walls. Any ideas? Feel free to comment below! I made the pillow cases myself and they are NO SEW! Let me know if you want me to do a video on them.

This is the dinning room obviously I am far from done. The frame I plan on putting a mirror. We found the frame at thrift store for like $5 we could not say NO! The hutch btw Tony purchased and repainted. He did good. Now that we have the coffee table and other pieces of furniture we want to paint the hutch a stark white chalky finish.  I also want to change the lightening. I AM SO PICKY! It is taking forever.

Here is the full view. The funniest thing is when I saw the crucifix I was like TONY WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH THIS? Forgive me Jesus I just didn't want to go over board with all the religious stuff. HOWEVER, Jesus once again knows better and he fits perfectly in our dinning room like he does in our hearts. (I know I am so corny but for Jesus, I do not care!)

 I got this tray from Hobby Lobby for $3.50. Flowers and Vase from Dollar Tree. The candle and other things I think Home Goods.

 Tony took our cake toppers from our engagement party and put them there . . . They will eventually go in a frame. I just haven't found the frame yet.

Tony's favorite drink is a Moscow Mule. I think it is so nasty but he loves it and I adore the mugs people usually make them in. The frame in the back was given by one of Tony's cousins on our Engagement. I thought it was the sweetest thing and it's a DOPE frame. The other frame is one of Tony's favorite pics of us.

 ahhhh One of my favorite parts of our downstairs. Tony repainted the chairs along with the cushions with fabric paint. It really rocks having a man that can do everything your DIY Heart desires. The Micakaj in the back was given to us by one of my best friends on our engagement.

This is what they looked like before Tony painted the cushions. 

This is another of my favorite parts. The love you more is from Home Goods along with the mirror. The Anton & Rosie is part of a super cute basket my cousins got for me on our engagement. Check out my cute bike in the frame.

Ok so this is for now It will 100% change. The thing I hate the most is the carpeting. It is a must in the rules for living here. (Rolling eyes). I plan on adding art work to the walls one day. I also plan on adding some area rugs to give it a change. 

I hope you enjoyed the peek into his home. Let's hope he doesn't kill me for showing you all this. hahaha

Thursday, June 30, 2016

black and white with a dash of blush

Dear Love Bugs, 

I hope you are enjoying your summer. Can you believe 4th of July is already here? That is just insane to me. I am spending it in Michigan with my fiance for two weeks actually. I will be posting more . . . I even have a DIY scheduled. So, stay tuned my love bugs!

glasses and jeans similar: forever 21 || top: may max || choker: DIY || purse: rainbow similarish not really || shoes: easy pickens similar

Here I am messing around!

Now the details:

 I am obsessed with these off the shoulder tops and especially this one with its keyhole feature. Hence why I am looking at my top hahaha. The store doesn't have a website so I couldn't find it online, sorry.

 These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased in my life. I loved them so much I bought a black pair and plan on buy the other colors.

I walked into Rainbow one day right before I was suppose to go out because my bag broke and I needed something quick it worked perfect! It has become one of my favorite bags.

I made this choker all by myself. I bought some suede string and just wrapped it around. While I wait for my amazing choker coming in from HakNik . . . she has the best chokers ever!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Take Back Thursday . . .Oia, Santorini

Dear Love Bugs, 

I promised to share more pics of my trip to Greece and like I said before better late than never. Here are a few pictures of one of my most favorite nights in Greece. Visiting the most beautiful place on Earth to me Oia. I am convinced this is what Heaven will look like. There are not a lot of sceanry pics I am not sure if I mentioned it in my last post. I made the dumb mistake to just take a point and shoot and not my DSLR and the pictures just were not doing it justice. Actually no I do not even think my DSLR would of been any different because THE PLACE IS JUST THAT GORGEOUS. 

 The beauty of Oia!! Btw it really is like everything you see on Pinterest.

Snapping pics of me in one of my favorite dresses!

 We had dinner at the most amazing place this night it is called the Andronis. I highly recommend it. The manager there was the nicest guy I ever met his name was Melvin I believe. We sat at this table that was fit for like King and Queens with the most remarkable view ever!

Walking down to the restaurant and thought this was a bad ass pic. What do you think?

 The girls and I!

 Sitting back taking it all in . . . did we really go there? Did that actually really happen? Feels like a dream.

Where is your favorite place to visit? What was one of your most magical vacations? Are there any questions you have about my trip? How I flew, where I stayed? I will answer in a separate post Let me know in the comments.